Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Two Pieces Today

I thought that I would share a drawing that I did for a friend a little less recently. Its a piece that I'm quite happy with overall although anime isn't a genre that I stereotypically choose to draw in.

This is just the scan, loosely shaded and with no lineart. I typically don't even do lineart when I don't have to. In this case I used a tutorial from a friend to colour it and didn't need to go through the trouble of making the actual lineart.

I did however, do some preliminary shading on the drawing before I did the scanning. You'll see in the coloured version how this helps with the actual shadows in the colour.

Anime is pretty easy. I don't think I need to go into any process here. Its just a simple anime lineart that doesn't even really have any complex shapes. Although my goal was to have her look slightly wistful and mysterious. I think that she loses that in the coloured version and I much prefer the non-coloured. That's just preference though. Most people generally take to the colour, I think, because well, its colour and that's eye catching while white and grey and black, but mostly white, aren't so much. Anime is really popular. I don't think you can get your art any more noticed unless you took photographs on naked women and call it Art. The world is great isn't it? Anime, simple and easy and not overly unique, or nudes pretending to be real art even though most of the time its gratuitous nudity that is unneccessary.

So along with the sketch and the coloured version on here, you can also see the final version with a background over here